PHP Saving

I just bought a book to learn PHP/My SQL.

It does not thoroughly explain how to install PHP an SQL
on my server( However I did use the accompanying cd
to start download of files).

My problem is , after I write source code in notepad
and save it as PHP extension, it does not bring up a webpage.
I only see original source code.

Any hint as to what problem might be? Right now
I save the file in a directory on c: drive.

Any help would be appreciated :D

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Have you installed a web server like Apache yet? You need one to be able to translate your code using the PHP engine. The PHP engine doesn't directly translates your code; but instead it goes through a web server such as Apache (free) - find it on Google :)


If you are using windows, you can use the IIS to run your scripts.
You can also upload it to some free servers to try with. Save your time and you can always find solution from web hosting's FAQs or knowledgebase!

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