We are working on a project & finding an issue while accessing the data from SQL Server.

Problem: Display of record in search console of application on number of times it has been processed.

Consider we have a record which needs to be displayed 5 times a day in search console & it has been running on client server architecture. Now the record has been displayed for 4 times in a day & then at the same moment 3 client machines request for same data at same time. So if we allow display of that data to all 3 machines & stops the processing on 2 machines ..then it will be not user friendly approach as we should stop display rather than stop the processing.

Solution :
1. We can check out for concurrent request to record (can this be handled by any system or sql command ? )
2. We can display the record but not allow the processing (I don’t want this approach)

Looking ahead for some solution.

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How are you keeping track of the times accessed? Is it a history table? If you try to access a record that lets say has a history and has been accessed 5 times it adds it to history. programmatically query for total times accessed where date = now. It is very unlikely that other machines will access this at the exact moment. (Not impossible just very unlikely) If the history count is >= 5 just dont display it.
I am assuming this is how you are pulling the info. a little more info on how you are keeping track of the hits per day and what you are using for the client programming will be helpful aswell.

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