Hello Everyone,

I have to make an online examination webapplication for a company.
In this system there will be one superadmin who can access and updates all areas of the system i.e this admin can also be known IT System administrator .
This administrator has to create different admins who will be controlling particular exams ..for example one admin will be controllinmg the C examination so that he can only create questions related to C That is he is restricted to c administration part only .Similarly there will be other types of admin who will be controlling diifferent exams.And there are some others types of users also and have to give different rights to each types of users.

I am finding difficulty in table design of superadmin and admin parts and how to assign different rights to each type of user ...As in this application there are 4 or 5 admins and other users also so how to design the table .......I am getting confused in table designing part ...Please help in designing the table for my application.Any help would be highly appreciated ...............So please help me out of this situation .

What I have thinked is that :

There will be one table named "RoleMst" - This tables will list all the roles like admin,user etc.
Fields:RoleId,RoleName and Desc.

But where to store various admins and their access rights ..........Please help me with the Database Design.........I don't want full database design ...I only want help in maintaining user roles and thier access rights in my application .................Please Guys help me out as tommorrow I have to present the table design in my company,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....Thanking u ALL!!!!!!!!

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User table has recursive relationship because SuperAdmin, Admin and user (I think you understand me)
There's column in User table links to Type of user (RoleMst) SuperAdmin, Admin, User, etc...

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