how do you connect 2 access database files(mdb) and have the 1st one as the form and the 2nd one as the database and if you you the 1st mdb with the forms the database will be opened and showed in the same file? anyone who has an ide on how to do this?

The first thing you need to do is create a database file and create all of your tables. The second step is to create a new database. While in this new database...

If you are using Access 2002 or 2003, go to File and choose Get External Data. You should be given the option to Import and Link Table. Click on Link Tables. You now have to browse to and select the first database you created. You will then be given a list showing the tables within the database. Select the tables you want to link and click OK

If you are using Access 2007, go to the External Data tab. Under the Import Group, click on Access. Now browse to a select the first database you created. Select 'Link to the data source by creating a linked table'. Click OK. You will be shown a list of all the tables in the first database. Choose the tables you want to link to and click OK.

Now that the tables are linked, you should see an arrow pointing to the right next to each of the tables; that indicates that the table is linked. A linked table will allow you to use the tables as you would any other table for query and form purposes. However, when you save records, the data will be stored in the first database and not the second database. This will allow you to create several different front-ends that all use the same source data. This may be helpful if you want to create one database for clients and one database for employees; with linked tables, the clients can see one set of forms and the employees can see a different set of forms.