Can anyone tell me how can we know if any updation is done in table such as insertion | Deletion | Modification of record in one or more table without peeping inside the table... say, finding the history records that are updated...

To be more clear; say I have a button in an application, when clicked, some records are inserted or updated. It is tedious to peep into each table and find the record that is updated or inserted...

Consider that I dont have admin rights...

If any select query can help me out... any info, please share..

Thanks a lot...

Rohith Mishra

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That is a little more complicated than it seems. You can fire up the SQL Profile and monitor the database to see the raw TSQL being executed, but that is not the whole picture.

If a table has a trigger on it, say to log the values changed in to another table, then this will not show up in the SQL Profiler. In this case you will need to manually examine if each table has a trigger OR you can purchase SQL Database Comparison tools to diff the databases. But that means you have to freeze the production database, back it up, restore it to another database, perform a SINGLE operation on the frozen production database, then diff the two.


Your thread subject is totally different than the thread itself.
Sknake, they can't use SQL Profiler as

Consider that I dont have admin rights...

Log file is your eye, you can see through each transaction happened.

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