Hi All,

I was trying to research my problem, but wasn't getting any results to satisfy me.

The problem is:

I am storing data in a mysql database (the server time is stored as well), I am also uploading data into this database from a file that was downloaded from another server (I have no access to this server). I have to generate reports doing a comparison but the dates are not matching up, and I am therefore not getting a proper report...the thing is that the lowest level of search criterion is the time, the level before that in the date (which works like a charm), but the data isn't accurate.

My question is:

Can I compare these 2 times to get an approximate result...taking into consideration the time goes down into seconds and milliseconds, etc...

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The TIMEDIFF function would be calculating the difference between 2 set of times...
unless you mean to say to calculate the difference between the 2 times...but it isn't comparing 2 individual times...there are 2 lists of times that needs to be compared...

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