Sorry for the simple question...

But please i need help from you guys...

How to import and export the database in oracle..iam have been using oracle 8i in my computer...
im completely new to this environment...
please help on this..

Thanks in advance...

at command prompt type exp help=y you will get the list of parameters for export . repeat the same for import with keyword imp

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At the command line try something like this

c:\> exp system/manager file=myfile.dmp full=y buffer=20000000 log=exp.log

This will take a full export of the database (assuming system password is manager) and put all the data into the file called myfile.dmp. DO NOT try and edit this file as it is a binary file.

You can import this file in full or individual schemas or individual table(s). It's up to you.

Check out this link it has a lot of useful info.

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