its a mess. i dont know why it would be doing this. considering the message it says its in the inbox in the mysql database and then its not. i dont know what to do. its php and mysql database. is there a posiblitily its showing up on the webpage as in the wrong folder i need to close the mysql connection with every page? is that why because i made three messages one called a, one called b and one called c. i stuck a in a folder and b and c were in the inbox then i moved b into th e folder then c was just in the inbox. then i moved a back to the inbox and it says c is in the inbox and a and c are in the folder or something like that see its leaving one message out and duplicating one message. my script i think is fine. ill post the script if it isnt because of the mysql connection needing to be closed and opened. please help. if its the mysql connection needing to be closed when doesit need to be closed and why k thanks.


please explain your problem with code.......


srry this was just a mess i dont knoe what i did it took a lot of "figur outing" time to fix it. thanks for the reply tho.