Im trying to practice writing a small DB that involves three tables-internal users, external users, and a Rep (call rep) table to tie them together so if someone is partial to working with one of us it is notated. Here is what I have so far: Employees (for later down the road, perhaps, an internal directory), Rep, and Clients. Does this even begin to make sense, or am I completely lost here. My ultimate goal is to tie it to a web form so it can be accessed, but until I figure out the DB stuff I don't want to mess with the form design-that I have down.


I didn't get your point but it seems that there is some thing wrong in your relation between Rep and Employee table. Can you tell me what you need to do instead of what you are doing.

I am creating a tiny contact database, in hopes that the idea will catch on at work. The clients currently update their info via mailed in sheets. Id like to host their contact info on our page so they can do it themselves. The Rep table is just us-I thought about maybe tying clients to reps because some of us work with one or more of them almost exclusively, and so have more inside info on dealing with them. Employees is us, as well, I was just going to use a repeater or something to put a page up there for us to quickly see info since we all act like receptionists at times.