Good Morning All,

I am not an MS Access Expert, so kindly excuse my ignorance.

I received a database which is unable to open on my computer (for whatever reason), but is able to open on 5 different computers. At first I thought it was an MS Office version difference issue, but 2 of the 5 computers has the same MS Office version as my computer.

I therefore looked at the files the database is trying to locate before opening, and saw that it was looking for a .DLL file by the name of DAO350.DLL, after much searching, I came up empty-handed. There were no such file on my computer, so I downloaded it from the internet, but that didn't seem to make any difference.

Then the MS Visual Basic Compile tool came up, and displayed the following error:
Compile Error:
Can't find project or library

So I click the 'OK' button, and this function is highlighted in yellow:
Public Function resetCharSet()

Since I do not know what to do, I closed the MS Visual Basic Compile tool, and a message box came up:
This command will stop the debugger
So I click the 'OK' button, and MS Access displays an 'Action Failed' message box with the following information:
Macro Name:


Macro Name:


Error Number:

And the only button on this message is 'Stop all Macros'. So I click this button and I am looking at the database now, but nothing works...I would think it wouldn't since I did click the 'Stop all macros' button...

When I googled the error number 2950, there were some instructions to set this database's path into the Trusted Locations, but that didn't make any difference.

I then used MS Access Help and searched for 'Can't find project or library' and got a list of steps to follow, but unfortunately, I am unable to do step 1.

To resolve the references

  1. Display the References dialog box.
  2. Select the missing reference.
  3. Start the Object Browser.
  4. Use the Browse dialog box to find the missing reference.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Repeat the preceding steps until all missing references are resolved.

When I clicked Tools in the menu bar, Reference is grayed out.

What should I do now?

*scratches head*
I wonder if I have submitted this thread in the correct forum?!?
*scratches head*

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