Hi everyone

can anyone please help me to define the dimension table for EMPLOYEE

I need to design the dimensional table with the hierarchy starting with Board of Directors(which is sub categorised into Staff for Board of Directors which again is subcategorize into Technical, Administrative and Accounts)

Then we have separate 3 departments called as Technical,Admistrative,Accounts in which we have officers or staff for these departments which are either permanent or temporary

pls help me with this

I will be grateful to u

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erm, not 100% sure what exactly you want..... yet can't you create a table with the headings of....

First Name
Last Name
Xtra Dtls

....then have a select list for each of these....
"Type" would have Perm/Temp,
"Department/Division" would have Tech/Admin/Acc
and so on.

Either set these up as list items for that field.... or as seperate tables linked to the relevant fields.

Just make sure thant NOBODY can go and alter these records once done.... only with proper access....your bosses wouldn't be happy if the MD bacame a temporary Tea Boy LOL


I want to create a dimension table which contains the hierarchy for data.

What u specified is already created. the user enters the data into the excel sheets which will be read by an application and data is posted into an operational database

My work is to check all the data and post those data into DW which will be used for reporting and analysis

Anyways thanks for ur help

If you do find something abt this, pls do let me know


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