I have a web portal from a buddy's website using PHPNuke that I administer. The site has user accounts for the site itself and for the forums. I recently purchaced my own domain and am currently designing it the same way using PHPNuke. Is there any way I can transfer all of the posts in the forums and user accounts so that all is not lost and we can pick up on the new site where we left off from the old one?

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You were actually right the first time about posting this in our MySQL forum, boham. (I deleted your post in here though). Regardless, what you're going to want to do is do a database dump of the old installation and run the queries to populate the new database. Do you have shell access on either the old or the new PHPNuke installations? What about phpMyAdmin?


I do have all access to the new website. For the old one, I have a buddy that has access to it all and is more than happy to help me out with anything I need in there. Please bear with me because I am a total nub as far as this goes.
my msn is boham1978@hotmail.com if you want to help me out through chat.

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