plz tell me a perfect book which includes all SQL Queries with solved examples. So i will do well practie with it.

you want an e-book ?

Both will be ok, if it's e-book or not.

Try the following link and select SQL Reference

commented: Thank you for sharing useful resource +22

Try the following link and select SQL Reference


The official documentation is excellent and the technically correct one.

In the "SQL Reference" look for (Better 11g):

· 2 Basics (formats models)
· 3 Pseudocolumns
· 4 Operators
· 5 Functions (regular)
· 6 Expressions
· 7 Conditions
**** 9 SQL Queries and Subqueries ****
· 19 SQL Statements (SELECT)

Diferents types of Querys:

· Scalar & Multiples values
· Cartesian projection
· Subquerys
· View inl¡ne & TopN-Query
· Factoring querys
· Model !!! (for reduce the PL/SQL code)
· Hierarchical (very good for CMDB - ITIL)
· Distributed (dblinks)
· Crosstab !!! (only 11g)

The new RDBMS is orientated for ITIL (management of changes and configuration).
The orientation of a SQL programmer is reducing and flat the PL/SQL code and overload the querys with the new enhacements!!!

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