hi friends

We are connecting to sql server with Java and jsp as front end for our application. We are almost 10 people connecting to same machine regularly. earlier, we were just 4 or 5 connecting to one machine, now all are connecting to same machine, coz of some policy reasons.
Now it stops responding to queries from application after ever few minutes or can say abt half hour, requires to restart.
is the reason be number of users connected. if so, i dont believe it should, as servers connect to hundreds of users at a time. PLease help to rectify this issue or to make it available for more users.

thanx in advance

It is almost certainly not because of the number of users. As you indicated SQL Server can handle hundreds of users with no problem.

What you should do is run the SQL Server Profiler and watch the database activity. Also check the windows event log and SQL Server error log to see if you have events being logged. This could be a lot of different things so you will need to start poking around and find out whats locking it up.

Hi friends

I had sorted this problem previously, but now i realized that there's only one database, that is having problem. I deleted the whole database and recreated it, still having the same issue, it gets hanged in between the application and ultimately we hav to restart the server to get it working.
Could anybody please tell, wat cud be the issue with database, as i am new with sql server, so cant even estimate from logs, as they shows only the time abt the restart of server, neither i am aware of any tools to diagnose it.

Thanks in advance...

It sounds like you're creating a deadlock in the database. Run the "SQL Server Profiler" and watch the database. You can also enable debug trace flags on the SQL Server:

The Profiler will show you the queries that are executed. You should be able to find a query that starts execution and never finishes ... and deadlocks the other transactions. This is just a guess though :)

Please post the error message in the windows event log from the SQL Server

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