hiii all
this is vipin from btech 3rd year...now i have to do a mini project as a semester project. It is my first project of my life..I have chosen project name "Online FIR System" basis on database.
FIR by any person can be done by online and he/she can also see FIR status. He/she will be given token for his/her FIR.
If no action is taken in 1 week by police. He/she can case in court against police.
I have no much idea about this project and i want to do a mini project....so please tell me what should i do for this project and which things i must include in this project.
Please give me a way to begin this project with boom..so i could make a better project.
PLZ reply
i am waiting for answers............

Wrong approach. This forum is about you coming here and asking specific questions and not requesting "baby-sitting" service. So please start working and come back with more concrete questions.
Good starting pint would be find out what sort of data you wish to store in database and how should they be organized...