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Many online ads nowadays have a social media component to them. It can either be the voting of hands up or hands down on Facebook ads. Or it can be tweeting about a rich media ad. So how do you take this into consideration when you are strategizing for your online ad?

I find this new form of advertizing helpful but incomplete. You can see someone gave you a thumbs down but why? Is it because they hate ads and they want everything ad-free or were they looking for content on your site that they weren't able to find? This is a very puzzling situation indeed so you should take it with a grain of salt. People love to gripe on twitter about everything, and I mean everything! People say stuff on there that they would never say in real life, this is very bad for them but possibly good for us. We know that enough people are seeing our ads to complain about them. When you read complaint after complaint don't take it personally. I know it's hard not to but here's my logic behind my advice. People look at websites think to theirselves "great I got the info I wanted" and than navigate away. The few people that end up on your site and either are your competition or are in a bad mood will go on twitter and say nasty stuff. What you have to remember is that the people who give you the thumbs up went out of their way to click that button. most people just keep going and don't click thumbs up unless they really loved your site. I hope this was helpful.


More than one in five of all online ads are served on social networks. MySpace still leads the pack with 9.2% of all online ads, and Facebook is a close second with 8.2%. The 3.7% of online ads served on social networks is split among such sites as Tagged.com, MocoSpace.com, Hi5.com, Bebo, Classmates.com etc. Instead of traditional advertisement like Google Adwords or Yahoo Publisher, social networks is a new and a good way to get traffic effectively.


One important aspect of social online advertising is refining the targeted group of potential clients. For some of the brands I represent, I would not recommend advertising on certain social networks.

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