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I need some tips from people who are familiar with Oracle dba. i m trying to get OCA exam and i just finished reading my first chapter and now i m on chapter 2 and its telling me to download the dba software. so i m very confuse because now i think i need oracle database 11g but there are so many hardware and software requirement even before i download oracle database 11g, and i m so confuse with the all the requirements now can somebody please advice me and put me on right track. just tell me step by step what are the things i need to do to have oracle database running on my machine. and what are the other software i need to install to have database working. now what i have read so far i think i need to download oracle database 11g and also need sql developer software to write sql command right. all the comments will help, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and i m sorry if this don't make sense because like i said i m very new to oracle.

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You need not download and install sql developer software separately, that is integrated with oracle 11g. You need to download and install the version as per your OS and system configurations. You need not install any other software to have your database running. Using sql developer software is optional as you can run your queries from command prompt itself.


you said that i don't have to download any other software but this is what oracle documentation is saying to download here is the link http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/install.111/b32301/toc.htm#BGBEEBAD u can see what i m talking about. thanks for your help.....

////////This is what oracle is saying///////////////////////////

Pro*Cobol has been tested and certified with Net Express 5.0.

Object Oriented COBOL (OOCOBOL) specifications are not supported.

Note: This version of Pro*Cobol has also been tested and certified on Windows x64 with Net Express 5.0.

The following components are supported with the Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2002 7.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 7.1 compilers:
Oracle Call Interface

External callouts

PL/SQL native compilation



Oracle C++ Call Interface is supported with

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 7.1

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2005 8.0 - OCCI libraries are installed under ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\oci\lib\msvc\vc8. When developing OCCI applications with MSVC++ 8.0, ensure that the OCCI libraries are correctly selected from this directory for linking and executing.


You need not install any of those to install oracle and run the database. You need read those documentation carefully and understand what it says. If you want to run oracle database , why need to bother about .net or c++ or cobol.


ok so i will try to install it again see if it work this time and if i run into any problem then i will post it here. thanks for your help.

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