I would like to insert to some table's columns input
in UTF-8 characters.

1. what property of the column should I change to support this action, should it be 'Collation' or other property (like 'encoding' as well)?

2. I am using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. How can I change property like Collation with that tool? when I press right click on the column and open its properties I can see the properties but they are in read-only mode. I cannot edit them.


Anyone know something about it?
Seems like a simple question to those who are familiar in this subject.

OK so far I was able to progress a bit, not thanks to this forum.
In order to change character encoding of a specific column when Using 'SQL Server management studio' tool you shuold :
1. focus the Object explorer view
2. expend the relevant database --> table --> column that need to be changed.
3. right-click on the colum and choose modify. So far this is the general way to be able to modify columns definitions.
4. focus on the pane 'Columns Properties' and choose the property Collation and switch to the relevant additional language.
in my case I needed hebrew characters so I switched to 'Hebrew_CI_AS'

Now my problem continues, dispite this change I am still getting ??? instead of real characters when I try to insert hebrew data to this columns.
What else should I do to be able to see the right encoding?
I found in some other forum the comment about this subject:

the string was not led by the special char N (e.g. need to use N'chars' instead of just 'chars')

But I don't know what it means I tried to add N'hebrew chars' to the insertion but it didn't change anything.
Does someone has a clue about it?

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