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Ok this is a bit of a doozy for me. Work related question, I have been tasked with sorting out this issue at work, but don't really have much background in this field, but theres no one else in my team that can do it. Bit of a background on the problem.

At work we have a server and a client machine, They are both running on Windows Server 2000. They both have on them proprietry software for the client which uses MSSQL. Late last year the client machines hard drive failed. We rebuilt it with a new hard drive from a back up machine.

Now I had managed to get the client machine talking to the server, and the propriety software can communicate somewhat. The program involves starting sessions and collection of information which is put into the SQL database. Both machines do this fine and can see current sessions.

Now I have the following problems. I cannot generate reports from the client machine or edit any database files. I've tried to repair the mdf file in the client machine, however it doesn't appear to want to do this, I'd tried this with the proprietry softwares repair function.

Now I've done a bit of investigating, the MDF file for the Server machine updates everytime the server or program is shutdown. The same with the LDF Log file, however on the client machine Both these files have last modified dates from 2004.

Now comes the stupid part. If I copy these files from the server machine onto the client machine, thereby overwriting them, would this potentially fix the issue? Or will this make this issue worse.?

Currently if I try and export information from the client machine I get a jet database error 3078 followed by an SQL statement basically telling me that it cant find the information, even though the proprietry software can see that the session is there. If I try the same procedure on the server machine it exports the data fine.

Hope this hasn't confused you all? I just dont want to turn the client machine into a burning heap. I have done a full backup of the machine in preparation of trying the procedure, just after some advice.

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Edit: Ok, i've done a bit of reading, and I take it my problem may be fixed by attaching the database in Mssql Enterprise manager? Would I do this from the client machine or the server machine, as the server machine has the functioning database.


Sometimes when we try to get access to the data present in the MDF Files, it does not happen. The computer gives all sorts of errors like database cannot be found or file not found. It happens so because the MDF files has gone corrupt.
Getting or extracting the data from the corrupt database is a very Herculean task. It is a very challenging task for the data administrators also. It is a very common problem which can happen to anyone. You can get rid of this problem by using MDF Repair Software. This software is equipped with extremely powerful scanning algorithms. The software repairs the damaged MDF Files and you can once again access to the files like the way you did earlier.

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