I use Lunerpages Hosting. I want to use the Navicat 8 for managing the mysql database in my Lunerpages hosing. recently, I added a my IP address as Access Hosts in mysql database.
but i can't access the mysql database of lunerpages using Navicat. please help!

people claims that they have done it. but how?

What should be my connection settings?
Hostname/IP address:
username: (I have lunerpages account , and a database username) which one?

do I need to connect via SSH ?
then what should be the settings?
please help....

The first link in your post explains what settings to use.

Don't know about lunarpages, but some hosts need information in two places, an "allow remote" (server setting) and a "white list" (firewall setting). Maybe there's another setting you need. Ask you provider.