I have a customer form, connected to an orderform with an order details subform. I want to select a customer record in my customer form and click a button (that I have setup) and it opens that customer record (using customer ID) in my order form.

I created a button and I used the button wizard in Access 2007 to open form and find specific record. I picked customer ID field and customer ID field and clicked the <<>> button in middle to select in both forms.

However when clicked the button opens the order form but stays on record 1 not the one I have selected in my customer form.

Anybody got any ideas what I am doing wrong? I have setup my relationships with primany and foreign key using a 1 to many relationship type which appears to work. I can manually select different customer orders in my order form and my order details sub form updates correctly. Its just the button to open form on correct record that is failing.

Hi I am having the same problem, I see that you did not get a response but was wondering if you got it worked out? If so, any chance you could help me out and show me how??

Thank You