Hi there,

I am relatively new to MYSQL and i have to design a database for stock for a dvd firm, this database has to link up to a website, the website is a DVD firm so the only things that needs to recorded in the database is how much stock is available.

so basically when i click buy from website it takes you to a payment page you can click confirm or decline when you hit confirm it says thank you for the purchase and takes it from the database..But how do i do this???

But i have no idea how to even start this ive been stuck with this for ages now and really have no idea what too do if anyone could help me out id be very grateful, i have webspace so can host anything.

Can anyone help me?

sounds like you basically need to update the database everytime theres a purchase.

so if you have a table in mysql with the dvd name and the current quantity
a basic sql query can do this:

$sql = "UPDATE table_name SET quantity = quantity - 1 WHERE dvd = 'name of dvd'";

for that u need to do coding on ur webpage so that it connects to the database

Hello all

I am new on this site and i don't know where to click in order to be able to post. Sorry newbie for posting my message inside yours.
Can somebody tell me, Is visual Studio 2003 compatible with mysql? I am doing my final year project using VS 2003, I would also want to know How do I do the connection between the 2. Please help and Thank you in Advance.