Hi all,

I'm a newbie in sql, please can someone help me out in constructing a query. What I want to achieve is to have filter/search menu with a list of the different options/optionsvalues that applies to a particular category of products and a count of the products that possess each attribute.
Say under COLOR we have Black (2), Blue(17), Green(21) and under SIZE we have 10m(11), 20m(15). My tables areas follows:

categories => catid, parentid
products => productid, catid
options => optionsid, options_name (e.g Colour, Size)
optionsvalues => optionsvaluesid, optionsvalues_name (e.g Black, Blue, Green, 10m, 20m, 30m)
options2optionsvalues =>options2optionsvaluesid, optionsid, optionsvaluesid
products_attributes => attributeid, productid, catid, optionsid, optionsvaluesid

I really need your help.

Hi Vikk and welcome to DaniWeb :)

Have you made an attempt at this query yet? If you post what you have done we might be able to see what you are trying to accomplish and give some pointers.