i have a project that implements the using of database. i chose to use php as the application interface and mysql as the database.

at the end of this month, we should submit the softcopy. now, i'm confused with the files of my project.
i'm using wamp server, and in folder www there are php and html files. but, i don't know which file is the database file. as far as i know, the database is the file with .db extension. but, i can't find it.

does anyone know which file is the database?
thx so much.

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wamp supports MySQL. MySQL does not store databases with .db extentsion. You can find all databases under data directory i.e.

I assumed you have installed wamp on c: drive.

Use phpMyAdmin to add, update and manipulate databases.

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it means, if i have to submit the mysql files, i have to copy all the files in that directory?

thx for your response.


No, use phpMyAdmin to export your database to an .sql file. It is a text file containing all queries to recreate your database.

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