i am gonna create a student record keeping application.

i just wanna how which are the basic information means the table in my database are require to create common database

i just wanna know table name and require filed in each table which are common in all student record keeping application in general that according to this database i will have changes according to my requirement
so i only need you little suggestion about database require to create student record keeping application.

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I am not sure i understand the question. Database modeling is like a playdough - it is a pile of shapeless material untill you decide in which direction to go and how to shape it. In development there is a term "business rules". Every single development project starts with gathering business rules. Business rules are the "rules of the game", for example, in your case a rule could be that one student may not attend more than 3 classes per semester. Another rule might be that 2 classes cannot be scheduled at the same classroom at the same time. Now, there are plenty of "modeling languages and tools". UML or agile modeling, for example.

I highly recommend to any given developer in the world first to get in the clear of WHAT they want to do, and then find out a way to do it. For me, it takes me a long time to carefuly model my projects with pencil and paper, and then it takes me 15 minutes to write the code for it.

Hope it helps.

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