So I didn't know where to put this but I had somewhat of a newbie question. I am trying to create a blog for my friend. Its going to be a full fledged site and I want to store the blogs and be able to search on them later. I am thinking an SQL Database would be best but it seems like there are so many different versions its just hard to get started. I was thinking SQL Server since I can get a free version on Dreamspark. I guess my main question is how does this get onto a web server. When we buy hosting does the hosting company set up the server then I can use php or modules to populate it? Once I get started I should be fine its just the getting started part that I need help on.


You better contact the web hosting service provider.

Since you mentioned blog, my suggestion would be to
1. Choose your blogging software first, like wordpress or serendipity (free).
2. Depending on the software you choose you will have to install the correct version of database software like mysql.
3. Lastly most of the hosting providers provide some blogging platform free with your hosting package which is already setup with db backends, so you do not have to fiddle with the installation. Go for this, even if it is not your favorite platform, as the webhost will provide support and backup facilities.

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