Would like to create a temp table at the start of my Code for pull only a small result set that I then can use for my final result.

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Which code ? are you using any application ?

I am using Crystal Reports which passes the SQL code to the server. The database and server are hosted by a 3rd party and we can not create any views, Stored Proc or tables.

The main table has over 5 million records. I want to create a temp table that cuts down the records set and then process the report from the smaller record set. We were using SQL Servers but the data has been moved over to an Oracle database and I am new to Oracle.

I know what code to write to get the results from SQL Servers but it's doesn't work the same in Oracle.

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if you do not have privileges to create views how can you create a table ?

I just want to create a temp table for just the time I need to run my code. Can I do that without create privileges.

You can't do that.
Ask your administrator to create a Global Temporary table for you.