Hi MySQL Boffs,

I have been given resposibility to adminster our my company's website.
We use a Content Management System.

I would like to add abilities to it such as a Meta Tag & Title field for new pages I create

I have started self-teaching myself PHP & MySQL on my local computer using WAMP server and using Dreamweaver to edit pages.

I manage to connect to the published database with DreamWeaver, but I need to modify the tables in the database

How can I manage the database if it is already on the web???
Do I use a program?? Which One??


Thanks in advance,
Eiledon Solutions

Simple answer my friend, if you have a shell account, you could just log in and change stuff, but since you have a content management system (please, please tell me its not cPanel), then all you need to do is install in your webspace a web-based frontend for mysql.
Try the awesome phpMyAdmin , free and open source. You only need to change some connection parameters in one of the scripts (dont recall which one, just read the installation instructions), and thats it, upload it through ftp or whatever you have at hand, and get ready to administer your DB easily, from the web