I am not really looking for anyone to hold my hand through anything, but I am looking for someone to direct me to meaningful data/literature on the subject be it books/websites/videos/etc.

I work for a small family business that repairs specific types of production machinery. We have a database that is currently running on a workstation at our office. I am brainstorming ideas on expanding and using this DB to its full potential to better streamline our repair process and increase our productivity.

We have a server running Windows Small Business Server 2008 and a few copies of Access 2007, but not as many as we have employees. My idea is to have a LAN based form system to view the data and edit it, such as the status of a certain product (be it "repaired, "diagnostics", "shipped", "completed", etc.) as it goes through the repair process.

I know some PHP and HTML, I have used a WAMP server before and I could probably whip up a web form as the interface but if Access has its own "inhouse" way of doing the same thing I would rather take that route. My issue is: where do I start? How should I host the data on the server? Does access have a database server process that can be run on the network server? Is there another microsoft product I should be using? Can Access forms work with said products through a network?

Thanks for the help.

Re: Need Direction - Small Business Database 80 80

I will check that out. Thank you for the info. I'll post an update when I get back around to working on the DB.

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