hi there,

I'm having a problem with mysql, php and phpmyadmin

1. MySQL will not start as a Server Service, on Windows XP - when installing goes through process and tells me it cannot start as a service, and then tells me mysqld.exe will close, is there anything I can do to rectify this problem.

2. PHP is installed and when you test it, it should show you the Introduction Page, instead it gives you 'index of phpinfo' - which is parent directory ' IT WORKS' and phpinfo.txt '<? php phpinfo (); ?>

3. PHPMyAdmin is installed and when tested shows me a blank page

4. Have Apache 2.2.16 installed and it is working right.

Could someone please assist me in getting all 4 aspects up and running

Thanks, Neil

Did you install all packages separately, or do you use WAMP or XAMPP ?

Pritaeas, installed packages seperately.

Need assistance getting them to work properly

WHAT am I doing wrong?

Please help!!!


Check out this tutorial, so you can see if you may have missed something during installation.

pritaeas, this is my setup
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
AMD Athlon(tm) Proccessor 3500+
2.21Ghz, 1.00 GB Ram

Software Installed
Apache 2.2.16 HTTP Server
MySQL 5.1.49(win32) Community
PHP 5.2.14
phpMyAdmin 3.3.7

MySQL gives me a message 'mysqld.exe' has a problem - tried to debug - says it will have to close
Does not want to load as service - runs through execute BUT does not open service

PHP I get 'index of/phpinfo.php' when i test it - '.parent dir, .phpinfo.php'

phpMyAdmin - I get ERROR message - 'cannot load 'mysql' extension - check PHP
config - Documentation - when i test it

Please could you assist me

Thanks, Neil

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