hi there,

I'm having a problem with mysql, php and phpmyadmin

1. MySQL will not start as a Server Service, on Windows XP - when installing goes through process and tells me it cannot start as a service, and then tells me mysqld.exe will close, is there anything I can do to rectify this problem.

2. PHP is installed and when you test it, it should show you the Introduction Page, instead it gives you 'index of phpinfo' - which is parent directory ' IT WORKS' and phpinfo.txt '<? php phpinfo (); ?>

3. PHPMyAdmin is installed and when tested shows me a blank page

4. Have Apache 2.2.16 installed and it is working right.

Could someone please assist me in getting all 4 aspects up and running

Thanks, Neil

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Pritaeas, installed packages seperately.

Need assistance getting them to work properly

WHAT am I doing wrong?

Please help!!!



pritaeas, this is my setup
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
AMD Athlon(tm) Proccessor 3500+
2.21Ghz, 1.00 GB Ram

Software Installed
Apache 2.2.16 HTTP Server
MySQL 5.1.49(win32) Community
PHP 5.2.14
phpMyAdmin 3.3.7

MySQL gives me a message 'mysqld.exe' has a problem - tried to debug - says it will have to close
Does not want to load as service - runs through execute BUT does not open service

PHP I get 'index of/phpinfo.php' when i test it - '.parent dir, .phpinfo.php'

phpMyAdmin - I get ERROR message - 'cannot load 'mysql' extension - check PHP
config - Documentation - when i test it

Please could you assist me

Thanks, Neil

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