i have create a registration form in asp.net & sql server..It's working good..

i generate ID for user when they click "sign Up" button..(the ID will appear in drop down list at form-ID not saved yet into database)..

the problem is when several user register at same time and click "SAVE" button at same time..

while 1 user register if another user click Signup from different computer or place it'll get same ID for both user...

How to avoid this problem...?please give some idea..

thanks Jeev

How do you generate your user-id ?

Permalink came up with the basic problem of your description. It tells you what you want to do, but not what you are doing. You say it's not being stored on the database. So how are you storing your registration information? Does each session store it's own data table with it's own psudo identity field? Of course it would generate the same id, you've got the dats stored in separate areas and they would both start with the same psudo id #.
Are you storing everyone's information in the application level? If so, is your psudo id set up to increment properly? Are you adding a new row because the registration info is different? If so, have you added two rows and verified it is imcrementing OK?
Anyway, this doesn't sound like a DB problem, but an asp.net problem.