Hi Experts,

I have a website which is hosted in Bluehost.

I would like to access my Mysql database from remote without using browser.

Is there any tool to access my Mysql database something like Filezilla?

Thanks in advance,

MySQL Manager Lite is a free database management tool from EMS.
scroll down the page to see the free version's download

I use this regularly for a routine task I have to do.

HeidiSQL is highly recommended by one expert I know of.
for some strange reason it can't connect to one of my databases (just one!) and as it happens to be the one I use most often, I haven't really used Heidi, but the expert who recommends it says it is generally the best thing around (he's also the author of a book on SQL, so he knows a thing or two)

Strangely, EMS's program can't connect to a different database of mine, but Heidi can! However I rarely need to work on that particular database, so I just use phpmyadmin from the browser.

PS WHY do you say remote access to phpmyadmin when you are asking for remote access to a database?

Dear drJohn,

Thanks for your reply. I download the Heigisql and let me update the status once I have done it.

I guessed there should be a software to access phpmyadmin but my actual request to access mySql database.


I like Navicat myself. It has a nice GUI interface with lots of tools to manage your db. They have a free version which limits somethings you can do. I have the paid version and love it!

The software to access phpmyadmin is called a browser, because phpmyadmin is a set of web pages with links and forms etc and php scripts. We build our own little version of such a thing on a course I did 8 or 9 years ago.

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