Hi Experts,

I have a website which is hosted in Bluehost.

I would like to access my Mysql database from remote without using browser.

Is there any tool to access my Mysql database something like Filezilla?

Thanks in advance,

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MySQL Manager Lite is a free database management tool from EMS.
scroll down the page to see the free version's download

I use this regularly for a routine task I have to do.

HeidiSQL is highly recommended by one expert I know of.
for some strange reason it can't connect to one of my databases (just one!) and as it happens to be the one I use most often, I haven't really used Heidi, but the expert who recommends it says it is generally the best thing around (he's also the author of a book on SQL, so he knows a thing or two)

Strangely, EMS's program can't connect to a different database of mine, but Heidi can! However I rarely need to work on that particular database, so I just use phpmyadmin from the browser.

PS WHY do you say remote access to phpmyadmin when you are asking for remote access to a database?

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Dear drJohn,

Thanks for your reply. I download the Heigisql and let me update the status once I have done it.

I guessed there should be a software to access phpmyadmin but my actual request to access mySql database.



I like Navicat myself. It has a nice GUI interface with lots of tools to manage your db. They have a free version which limits somethings you can do. I have the paid version and love it!


The software to access phpmyadmin is called a browser, because phpmyadmin is a set of web pages with links and forms etc and php scripts. We build our own little version of such a thing on a course I did 8 or 9 years ago.

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