Hi guys!

I am developing a web based database for a company for my year work placement for university. As I'm still a student I am still learning so I am not 100% on what i am doing. I was wondering if someone could provide me with some help?...please! :)

The company wants a database that will contain all the equipment that they sell and the customers etc. The customers and equipment already have id numbers. How do I enter the Id numbers that the customers and equipment already have into the database so I dont have to provide them with new ones and still automatically generate numbers for new customers or equipment??

I was going to declare that the field auto generate all the Id numbers before I realised that the customers already have Id numbers. Can I insert my own numbers (the exsiting id's) but still declare the field to auto generate for new customers and equipment?

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!!!



Place this statement before your insert statement, it allows you to enter specific id's into an identity seed column. Place this line immediately after your insert statement.


New id's will continue to be generated for new inserts.

I am assuming there will be a one time insert of existing customers and equipment from some other legacy system? If this is going to be a bolt on to an existing system, then you don't need to generate new id's they are already being generated so you just need a unique index.

yes, ill be getting the ids from an existing system and inserting them once when i create the database for the new system.

Thank you so much!!!
ill give that a try!

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