I am using BIDS 2005 to write a report. The report takes a begin date, end date, and the parameter for salesperson names are filled by a query based on the date range entered. The report generates the stats for the salesperson when one is selected individually great. My task now is to get the report to generate a report, individually, for every salesperson listed in the drop down list after the date range is selected by having an "ALL" value to select. Not combining the figures of the salespeople. So basically, I need a loop or something to generate a single report for each salesperson without the user having to select each salesperson one by one and generating all of those reports in one view so they can export it to a single pdf file and print it for meetings and whatnot.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

I am not sure here but I think that what you are looking for is not help with SQL but help with your software. I no not know where you should look for this kind of help.