Can i display/load Microsoft excel data in the internet browser that is stored on some shared folder?


Um? This isn't XSLT related, nor does your question even make sense.

ok let me explain more:

1. four excel sheets stored in (shared folder) 4 different office
2. i want to consolidate few common column's data into 5th excel sheet/any other database
3. and wanna provide some predefined queries to these four offices in the sheep of web form
4. and wanna load queries result in the internet browser.

please advise what is the most suitable way to accomplish the job...?

many thanks,

This is still totally unrelated to XML/XSLT at all. Wrong forums completely.

Okay, you'll need to go to an Office/Excel forum for the first question. The second part all depends on what type of web server/web framework you're developing for. Is this a .NET/ASP ? Apache? etc etc.

Either way this is totally the wrong place to ask this question. You'll need to find a forum with the right people.