Hi everyone!!!

I am absolutely a newbie on database design so please help me out even though questions might seem little stupid [IMG]http://www.dbforums.com/db_images_v3/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/IMG]

I m trying to build a database design for an e-learning project; below is the database schema i ve got so far. In the current setup there are lessons which can be taken and information that has to be recorded for the lessons is that whether they are completed or not (i guess what i mean here is how can i represent the yes/no type of data entries)

Also if there will be practices (quizzes) to be completed. The completetion and the grades for the quizzes has to be also stored in the database. i have attached the diagram as gif and also in visio format.

Thank you and waiting for your responses


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Actually there two types of courses one interactive courses (with live tutor) and the other one is the self paced one which consists of lessons and quizzes(practices). The reason i put the package is for the users who might sign up for both interactive and self paced courses (you can choose either one or both of them).

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