Hi guys,

I'm trying to create the simplest of databases.

The database needs all the standard tasks, such as: add record, delete record, show all records.

I need this accessible on the internet, so anyone can check it out.

I will probably put it in a password protected directory, unless there is another easy way of creating passwords.

I've tried reading through several SQL tutorials, I think I get the basics, but then to put it online you need to know PHP (if I'm not wrong) and that confuses me so much.

If someone has an example of a really bare bones simple one that I can learn and modify I would be really grateful.

Get back to me with any help, or if you think this is not something a beginner can achieve.

my first online database would probably be a flat file database

I think a relational database would be a bit more difficult at this stage

if CSV files could be used to add data that would be an advantage, but not required at this stage

There are three aspects you need to think about: The data that is stored, how to let people look at the data, and how to allow the data to change. This is traditionally called MVC: Model (data), View, and Controller.

For the model, a relational database is actually the easiest to use, but of course it may be a pretty large step to get it up and going at first. The other options are flat file, probably in CSV format, or a non-relational database tool of some kind (such as the Bigtable that Google uses).

For the View (and probably Controller), it is traditional to use a web server. You can use any programming language to mediate between the database and the web pages. PHP is certainly one, but .NET offers a lot, as do Java, Python, Perl, (and on and on).

One option is WAMPP which will install Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows, already preconfigured to talk to each other. (MAMP for OS/X and "WAMP for Linux" are similar).

If you are already a programmer, then PHP, though somewhat ugly in my opinion, is well within reach. If not a programmer, you should probably get that out of the way as soon as possible. I am quite fond of Python, myself, but Ruby (On Rails) is also very popular. Both offer frameworks that make creation of simple MVC web services as simple as possible (So does PHP). I expect that there is something similar for .NET, but have no personal experience.

the main thing is to learn something while having fun learning something...

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Since my post, I've found a resource linked from this site, which has helped me.

I'm using PHP, PHPMYAdmin, MySQL and really just practising at the moment.

So far my experience has been that I solve one problem, only to find another one!

Thanks for the explanation, certainly some new terms to me.

Well you can't expect to learn PHP and database theory overnight! There are a lot of basic concepts about programming, about database design, theory and normalisation, and using SQL that you have to learn. They will all take time, but learning is fun.

Some people jump straight in with, as their first plan, a project idea that would make many of us feel a bit out of our depth. Don't rush things, just practice, practice practice.