Briefcase application
Access 2003 two way replication

Are there any open source databases that allow two way replication exactly the way Access 2003 handles it?

I have a desktop app that I would also like to have live on the web but I have to use Open Source software like MySQL. The more I look into all of this the more I am forced to continue using Access because no other database can handle replication the way that Access 2003 does.

IT will not give me a windows based server so I can not use Access or MSSQL.

I need the replication because it is a briefcase application meaning that I have service guys that take the info on the road with them and it is hard to connect to the office server at 30,000 feet or in the middle of a customers work floor.

Does anyone know of a way to make this work????

I am not familiar with Access 2003, so I do not know how it handles replication.
If you have something in the database records that let you know the newest records, then you should be able to use mysqldump with the "where clause" to dump the updated records from one of the databases so they can be added to the other database.

Thank you phpstan for the replay.
I currently just let access handle all of that and was hoping for some type of automated system to replace it with. I will look more into the mysql dump.

I have seen sites talking about using XML to handle it but they do not go into any type of explanation as to how to do it. MySQL does have a Master to Master replication process but it seems limited to 9 masters and I need at minimum 15. It also seems that this type of scenario I am trying to setup is NOT what they had in mind for a proper use of it.
I have been looking for a while now for some type of system or written process to handle this exact thing for me but have had no luck. This seems like a common thing to me but I guess I am wrong.

Does no one use offline access to databases?
You can NOT be connected to the internet 100% of the time.