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i would like you to help me to build my school database query rightnow

In your dreams.


for school database there may be attributes such as name,branch,city,subjects_of_students,feepaid,attendance,address etc...
is it actually wat u want 4 school database...firstly u need some attributes to make queries on those.....now i think u can have an idea about ur school database....


keldonkor, I think you need to be more descriptive in what you are asking for. Hannm tried to help point you in a direction that would help you design and create the actual database for a school itself. However, I think you are asking help on how to construct a query against a database that holds information for a school. I would advise that you learn the basics of SQL statements first. A "select" SQL statement will allow you to write a query to pull the data that you need from the database. I would also recommend that you study the structure of the school database. That will allow you to understand where the data exists. For example, take a look at what tables exist for the school. Is there a students table? A classes table? A teachers table? Your SQL query will need to be customized based on what tables exist and where the data is that you want. You will need to join the tables together based on the correct foreign keys. I recommend a visualization tool that helps you see the structure of the database. I am not sure what type of database you are using. Toad is an excellent tool for Oracle. And PHPMyAdmin is an excellent took for MySQL.

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