we have pl/sql objects.for some pl/sql objects we found the object names in the scheduler list to run it.But we didn't found the some objects to run the jobs.
the scheduler contains Object list. if you select one object and click on submit button then it will show u Boxname,Subbox name,Job name.
we are not able to find the object name.
Now we want to find out the object,taht may contain in some object (with some different name) in scheduler objects list and in that, any of the boxes may contain the required Object name.

now we are manually checking each and every object in the scheduler list to findout the exact object name.
Could you please suggest me if any other way is available.


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I am confused from your post, can you please explain in detail what exactly you are trying to do.

Are you using any specific tool for the purpose ?



Can you please find the following issue and give me your ideas.

I am using job scheduler tool Control-M.
My issue is, I have pl/sql objects called 'A','B','C','D'.

This tool contains some list of objects.

I found the objects 'A' and 'B' in the tool.if I click on the object in the tool i can find the Box name and the Job name for the objects.

But I am not able to find the objects 'C' and 'D' in the tool ).I want to find out the Box names and Job names for the objects 'C' and 'D' .

These 'C' and 'D' might be there inside the Box names.

Right now I doing manually searching for each and every object in the tool and finding out the Box names/job names for the missed objects.

Please suggest me is there any query/process to findout?

Thanks in advance.

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