I want to convert a kind of a large MSSQL table to text -- ideally CSV.

One crude way would be to use SQL Developer to do a SELECT * and do
a copy-and-paste. But there must be a more precise and efficient
way of doing this. Perhaps SQL Developer has a way of outputting
not to the screen, but directly to another format, such as a text file?
Or some other manager has this?

I'm basically trying to find out if the tools I already have can provide
this function which seems so basic and useful.



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There are many ways to export data:
1.) Export data wizard
2.) SSIS
3.) bcp utility
4.) clr stored procedure
It's all up to what you are comfortable with.

Are you using SQL2008 Management studio? If so, run your query, results to grid, then click on the upper-left square to select the entire grid, right click on the upper left square and choose "Save Results As...". It will give you several possibilities, including (default) .CSV and .TXT (tab delimited).

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