Hello all,

I'm using MS Access as my DB for a very simple web site.
Everything was running nicely till all of a sudden I can't inset rows into any table in my MS Access database.
In my tests I even created a fresh and clean table1 with one number field and tried to insert into it but, as with all other tests for all tables, I get this error message (using a third party Query Analyzer):

There was an error while executing the query:
child list for field Table cannot be created

I use a simple:

INSERT INTO table1 (Test_field)

Again - all was working fine till an hour ago...
I'm baffled. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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I suspect a relation is broken accidentally.

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I suspect a relation is broken accidentally.

Thanks for the reply.
Truthfully, when it comes to DBs I go pretty basic - simple tables, no connections, no keys, etc.
The thing is that it used to work and then it didn't.
I have no idea what I did to trigge that.

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