Please I need help,
I don't know what I'm doing wrong here,

$query=( "UPDATE $tblname SET totwrong =".$wrongAnswers."', SET Test_score ='".$percentage."' WHERE UserName  = '".$UserName."'");

It does not update the table, please please

I checked this is working fine....

$query=( "UPDATE ".$tblname." SET totwrong ='".$wrongAnswers."',  Test_score ='".$percentage."' WHERE UserName = '".$UserName."'");

If any query just PM me any time....:)

Thank you very much tomato.pgn, So if I want to add another variable, it should just be separated by ','.

ya..u have to just separate them with ','.....
U can PM me any time u need soon as i will see ur msg i will respond to it...

U can PM me any time u need help

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