Hi everybody
Hope I will get some help here. I have been using mysql database for quite sometime and had no problem till now. This database is either upgraded nor any change in the indexing, its been as it was from past one year. But recently we have observed that the database access has gone real slow. Even this system hasnt been upgraded, but even the preformance what it had before with database accessing has reduced.
Is there anything you guys can suggest to improve the performance ?

Have you defragmented lately? Its possible that the database has got badly fragmented, in which case the time taken to access files would be more. If this is reason, you could go in for a automatic third paty tool with advanced features that can be scheduled to run without interrupting other processes and will check fragmentation on a daily basis.

Are you using shared server?? If yes, then it may be other users who shared the same server having high traffic that affect your site's performance (unless the server has load balancing feature installed).

Hi thanks a lot for all your suggestions.
Jingalala.. I owe you a beer. Defragging the drive did increase the performance of the server to a large extent.

zippe.. its a single server and not used by others... and as I mentioned its not being modified for long time but its been used everyday.