I am designing my own site to learn English words. Attached is the image of my DB design. Can some one suggest/direct me to design the DB more perfectly?

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Before i look into the ER let me know how you are going to use this in your application.

Hi thanks for the reply. I am planning to learn words. So word(ee_word) is the root one.
what type(noun,adjective,verb) of word(ee_type)
label to categorize(ee_word_label,ee_label)
note and picture about the word(ee_note,ee_picture)
related-word to word(ee_word_word,ee_relationship)
story to comprise learned words(ee_story,ee_story_word)

That ER looks impressive.

May need some minor modification.

Thanks debasisdas. if it needes any modification, yes please u can advice me.

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