Hello All:

I'm setting up a client management application as a hosted service; whereas the application itself will be accessed and ran from the internet. The application currently runs on one database and 9 tables for each client's account if I were running it on a standalone single system.

Now suppose, I have more than one client, each with an account of the application, is it wise to build a database for each application or could I have one master database for all clients. My concern is with maintaining and backing up multiple databases should my client accounts become large.

Are there any thoughts on how this can be achieve?


Better maintain separate database (not separate tables) for each client for data security.

Thanks for the reply! Indeed security is crucial, and makes sense to have separate database for each account. If I may ask, what do you mean by "not separate tables"?

I mean you need to set up separate databases.

It should not be like table 1 ..9 for one database and table 10..18 for another client.

It can also be achieved by storing all the client data into a single set of tables by maintaining some sort of flag, but that will involve high risk factor for data security.

Just imagine what happens when report of one client containing all the sensitive data goes to another client (may be a potential competitor) by mistake.

Thanks for the reply and the clarification! One database for client account with table 1-9 and the same for all other accounts.

Got, it!

Much oblige!