I am trying to install Oracle 9i but when it comes to Java Runtime Environment, it asks me path for it. I have JRE installed in my Computer. What else do i need to proceed this installation?

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what does it ask? It asks you where your JRE is.
What should you do? GUESS!

Any reason for you to use version 9 when there is version 10 or the latest 11? Beside they do provide "readme" file that is good to read befor instalation...

We still have some customers on Oracle 9i, but we're no longer taking any new contracts for it (and haven't for quite some time).
New contracts taken only for 10g and 11g (preferred) unless it's a migration project from an earlier version to one of those.

That is obvious jwenting for bussiness side of things. However I think veledrom wants to learn Oracle so there is no reason for him to do it on old version. Do you agree?

Hi guys,
I use 10g with my desktop computer which is powerful enough! However, my laptop only supports 9i. That is why I have to use 9i.
It asks me where JRE is and I show it where JRE is! Didn’t work.
I have installed all Java products again before installation! Didn’t work.
I tried to install 9i to my desktop. No problem at all!
I follow same steps to install 9i to my laptop but still JRE problem.
I have formatted, guess what! Still JRE.
I have read “Readme” and “Installation guide” too.
Any other idea?

I have given 2 weeks to solve JRE installation problem with Oracle 9i on Windows XP Prof Sp2.

1- Create a folder in and assign this name C:\Ora9i and create Disk1, Disk2, Disk3 folders into it. Extract zip files into related folders.(You understand this anyway!)

2- Download and istall "j2re-1_3_1_02-win"

3- Download and install "jre-1_1_8_010-windows-i586-i"

4- My computer(right click), Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables.
There is a "Path" variable and its value in "System Variables" section.

5- Add this line into value of "Path" (don't delete anything);
C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3.1_02\bin;C:\Ora9i\disk1\stage\Components\oracle.swd.jre\\1\DataFiles\Expanded\bin;C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.1\bin

6- Restart you computer.

7- Start installation process in Autorun folder of Disk1.

8- You shouldn't have any problem after all.
9- I did it at the end of the fight with this.
10- Good luck


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