Hi everyone,

I'm new to this oracle database, and i have a question. first I'm sorry if my question is misplaced.

My company recently implemented a new ERP system, but unfortunately the ERP system doesn't have a financial module on it. so we planned to buy an oracle financial. and we will install the oracle financial database on our ERP system database

And the problem is we don't know yet is it will be a matter, if we have two different oracle database in one server.

FYI : my ERP system using oracle 11g and the oracle financial is using oracle database too


Yes, it can be.

oh hi debasisdas,
thanks for the reply. i will try to install it then

you need not instal two oracle servers.

Just need to create two separate schemas.

Up -- it will be easy to manage the application data and DB server for space management and other related issues.
Down -- if the DB or DB server is down both the applications will starve.

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I'm NOT a DBA, but...
What debasisdas said is (also) what I would recommend.
It would be MUCH easier to communicate between schemas,
than it would be to communicate between databases.