This is what I need
in the field enter xc2v
and click on the arrow image for search
once result comes back you will see part# links

If you click any of the links it will enter the part# in to a form field

How can I make mysq results in to a hyperlink and transfer them to the rfq form?

I atached files need

Thank you

This is more of a PHP question, or whichever language the website is being written in. I'll use PHP.

Assuming you already know how to do your database search and get results displayed, it's really quite simple. When you go to display the part name on building the page after the query, add the href tag to it. Each link goes to the same webpage afterwards, so:

$part = get next value from result set

echo "<a href=/"form.html?part=".$part."/">".$part."</a>";

Then from your form.html page, get the value of the part variable that we posted in the link and set that as the default value to the form's text.