I want to implement a voting system in my web page. What I want to do is give a user 1 point per day so they can give that point to other users but after they give their point they have to wait until the next day to have their new point in order to vote for other user.

This way the user has to take care of this point and is not going to generate a lot of traffic.

The thing is with this approach I need to have a column and I need to "refill" the point each day, how do I accomplish this if I probably won't have access to the sql server agent.

Now if you have other suggestions they are welcomed, I just need to implement a voting system where users cannot vote all they want because it will make the results unreal and unfair.

Thanks in advance

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i think that is what i suggested.

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What about storing the voting time in DB and allow the user to vote again only after 24 hrs.

Ok, thats a good idea, what do you think about this, checking the voting date in server side code, and adding 24 hours to it, then the next time check if the voting date is less than the one I stored if it is I deny the vote if not I again add the 24 hours and store the date.

That's the approach you are suggesting right?


i think that is what i suggested.

Thanks for your help

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